How far in advance do I need to book? Generally, you want to book 3-4 weeks in advance.

Do you have any current specials? Yes. $75 off two looks or more.

Do you do two for one deals? No.

Can I break up my payments? No.

What forms of payment do you accept? I accept cash, check, or credit card. Typically, we will send you the invoice to pay the balance the day of the shoot with your credit card.

What about a deposit? You will pay a $250 deposit against your balance. After you book you will get an email to pay with a credit card.

Do you shoot on weekends? No.

What if I cannot find the date I want? If you cannot find the date you need, then I am booked. However, you can always contact me directly if you have any questions.

Will I get a confirmation or reminders? Yes. You get a booking confirmation and then two reminders leading up to the shoot with session and parking details.



My agent wants so many looks but I can only afford a few. What should I do? Talk to your rep and focus on what you are currently going out for. Sometimes a rep will want to cast a wide net...this  may not serve you or the session.

Can I do commercial and theatrical looks in one session? Yes.

Can I split a look with a hair change? For women you can do hair up and down, but not a major hair change. Men can change their hair as long as it is not extreme.

Can I shave during the session? Yes. Please bring all of your necessary supplies.

If I add or take off layers, does that count as a look change? You can take a jacket on and off, but limit that to one look only. You cannot layer on and take off in each look. I understand you want to get the most out of the session, but be respectful of the process.

What colors are best on camera? I am not as concerned with colors as I am with the cut and fit. Your clothes should fit and be clean.

What about glasses? You can take glasses on and off. If you have lenses make sure they are anti-glare, or pop the lenses out.

Can I take my tie on and off? Yes, you can do tie on and off.



Do I need to bring my own products? No. However, if you love a lip color or have any allergies, please bring what you need.

Will the makeup artist stay for the entire session? Yes.

Will the makeup artist fix my hair? If you booked full hair, she will completely handle it. If not, you will handle your own hair and we will make sure it is camera ready.

Do I arrive early for makeup? No. Arrive at your appointment time.

How do I pay the makeup artist? She accepts cash, check or Venmo.



How long does the shoot last? Depends on the number of looks. Budget 20-30 minutes per look plus makeup time.

How many images do I get? You get about 75-100 images per look. It is not an exact science.

Do I get to keep the original images? Yes. You will receive a digital download of the entire session.

What if I am late to the session? Better to always be 5 minutes early. No need to come 15-20 minutes early. However, if you are late it will cut into your time. I never like to rush through sessions because a client is late. Not a good feeling for anyone.

Can I arrive early to discuss clothing? No. Chances are I am shooting another session or busy with another project. Arrive at your appointment time and we will have plenty of time to discuss everything.

Can I reschedule? Yes, outside of 48 hours. If you are not getting makeup it is easier for me to reschedule you. Remember, we shoot about 30 headshots a month as well as other types of photography, so the schedule is very tight.

Can I lose my deposit? Yes, if you cancel within 48 hours without rescheduling.

When do I get the images? What is the turnaround time? You will receive you high resolution images within two business days. Please contact me if you do not receive them.



Is retouching included? No. We charge $55 per image. A document will be sent to you a day after your shoot.

Do you do the retouching yourself? Yes, I work very closely with my retoucher.

Do I get to approve the retouching? Yes, we send you proofs for your approval. You can give us notes and we can make the appropriate changes. We will then send another round for approval. It is a process until final approval.

What is the turnaround time? Two business days. Sometimes faster depending on the demands of the retouching.



Can I post images? Yes, you can post to all social media platforms, websites and casting sites.

How do I credit you? Please credit Peter Konerko. If posting on Instagram then @petekonerko. Please be respectful and @mention vs. tag. I will do the same if I post a picture of you.

The director/producer of a film I just shot wants to use my photo in the film or marketing materials. Can they use the images? This happens more than you think. I have had all the major networks, Amazon and Netflix contact me for usage. Please have the production contact me directly to protect yourself and my photography.