Headshots for Actors, Artists, and Professionals


A simple journal of my thoughts on photography and the process of making work.


I feel for the actor. The headshot process is a slippery slope.

In the headshot session we are trying to capture a moment of truth. In that moment, you are committed to what you are doing. You are in “action”.  In theory, all the elements are aligned: the clothing, the light, the background, and intention. Everything is honest and the moment is captured. You feel great and believe you basically nailed it…

Then you get your shots back and here come all the “OPINIONS”. Brace yourself.  You are trying to please EVERYONE in a business where EVERYONE feels like their opinion is the only one that counts.

It is time to be honest with yourself. Listen and digest the information you are getting and work with your agent on choosing the best shots that will get you in the door. Your opinion counts too.