ANDRE MARRERO - Executive Chef @ 54 Below

I have known Andre for about 15 years. We met at Theatre of NOTE back in the days when I was kicking around figuring out what I was doing with my life. Andre on the other hand was an actor. A real actor. The kind that just walks out on stage and owns it. He also had a great time doing it. I have never seen anyone enjoy acting as much as Andre. Hard to tell sometimes if he was even taking things seriously. He went on to do some pretty impressive work at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in D.C. too. Years later, he decided that he wanted to become a chef. We love to eat and drink together. He trained, worked himself to death practically, and got better and better. He was a winner on the show Chopped …showing off his skill and CHARM. $10,000 onions, baby. He has worked in the top kitchens in NYC and has cooked New Year’s dinner for the James Beard Foundation. He is now considered one of the most sought after chefs in New York. I could not be more proud of him. While doing all of this he got married and now has two beautiful children. His wife is fantastic and the kids are really something. He has done it all and now he is living the dream of having his own kitchen at 54 Below in NYC. Congrats Andre. I hope we remain friends forever and we get a chance to eat together soon. June! I am in NYC in JUNE! Sharpen your knives!