Why I Cannot Seem to RELAX...


portrait photographer in los angeles Leading up to the holidays...I can feel the stress building. I'm shooting about 10 headshots for actors a week and we are finishing up the retouching for the actors we shot in October and the beginning of November. All this not to mention shooting my personal portrait work. This rush, as I'm sure we have all felt, creates such a pressure cooker that it feels like things are about to blow. Then it all stops at once and the mind tells the body "relax". My body says " yeah, no ". Four days into my seven day vacation my body finally allows my brain to stop and turn off. Ah. Now, three days of relaxation. I am now at the end of my three days and I must say I am almost fully relaxed. Score. Now my body is telling my brain, "back to work." Karma is a Bitch.

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