David Bickford - What's your 99 seat Story?


David Bickford, Circle X Theatre, Portrait Photographer

David Bickford - What's your AEA 99 Seat Story? 

I have devoted much of the last 21 years of my life to the growth and development of a membership company, Theatre of NOTE, and am incredibly proud of the work we have been doing.  I’ve watched plays we developed move on to larger venues (one script that started in our writing lab made it all the way to the Booth Theatre on Broadway), and seen some of our actors, designers, writers and directors become hugely successful.  The greatest reward has been the work itself, the art we create, but I have also benefited financially from having been seen in 99-Seat plan shows, both at NOTE and other L.A. venues.   I believe if this plan were in place five years ago, I personally would have missed out on over $10,000.00 in income earned from jobs that were the fruit of being seen in two particular 99-seat productions done on shoestring budgets.   These plays absolutely would not have happened, or the opportunities would have gone to non-union actors, under the proposed rules.

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Peter Konerko is a LA portrait photographer shooting out of Los Angeles and New York. This project is a part of the #AEAvoteNO, #Pro99 #unity99 and @ActorsEquity campaign.