Devin Sidell - What's you 99 seat story?


Devin Sidell, Circle X Theatre

Devin Sidell - What's your AEA 99 Seat Story?

In 2006, I did “Von Lutz” at the Elephant Asylum (99-seat) which led to “Corpus Christi” at the Zephyr Theatre (99-seat) which led to “Land of the Tigers” at Sacred Fools (99-seat) which led to two Equity workshops of “The Behavior of Broadus” at CTG and a full production at Sacred Fools in 2014.  Along the way, I have met lifetime friends and have collaborated with them many times in film projects, web series, and other theatre projects.  I have gotten to feed my soul on the singing, dancing, and acting that I do not get to do in my film and television auditions.  Work leads to work leads to work…

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