Do I need my headshots retouched?

Yes and no. The no is for about 5% of the acting population. Generally, older character men. The other 95% of actors need retouching. Why? Because it makes it a better shot! I am a photographer who shoots headshots as my "job job". OK. Every single photo I take that is NOT a headshot I retouch. Even if it is the grittiest portrait...I probably added more grit. Understand that there is way more going on in a headshot than just the face of the actor. Just as an example: I recently retouched a shot where I spent a few minutes cleaning up the skin and flyaway hairs...the rest of the time was spend finding the right balance of shadows so i could push the viewers eye where I wanted it. A great headshot is no different than a great landscape or a street photograph. You have to tell people where to look. Sometimes this happens more in post. Think of retouching as enhancing the overall shot, not just the face. There is way more going on.