So, last night I attended the premiere of Faster at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It stars Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton.  My friend Jeff Daniel Phillips, who is in the film, invited me to attend with him. I was honored and flattered that he would ask me. 

It was my first big “hollywood premiere shut down the streets” experience. 

The whole red carpet thing, flashing cameras, people yelling for autographs…it was pretty cool actually. However, I did find it odd that I stood before about 100 photographers, not really seeing their faces. Just flashes. Of course, they were not photographing me, but my friend…I was beside him at times so the point of view was the same. I got this overwhelming feeling that I was being looked at. It was odd. I thought, “Do my clients feel this when I am shooting? Do they feel watched? Do I yell out their name to get their attention? Am I cold? Can they see MY face when I shoot?”

Lesson learned at the premiere of Faster. Imagine that.

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