I am in constant flux. Just when things are good and comfortable, I mix it up and make it difficult. Comfort makes me lazy. Lazy makes me angry. Angry makes me a lame Photographer, a terrible Husband, and a deadbeat Dad. I thought for sure there would be a day when I just felt settled or at least calm. Secure in my choices. I feel that to a degree, but I must admit, I am in constant flux. I know I am supposed to feel like this is great and that’s how it is as an artist…but I am almost embarrassed to admit that sometimes I feel like a complete fraud and “being an artist” is the furthest thing from my core. I want the concrete. I want to cross the finish line. As I write this I am realizing it is time to mix it up and dive into the flux again. Open eyes. Look. Digest. Breathe. Click. Process. Print. Rip. Print. Breathe. Finish line disappears. Repeat.