I hate headshots!

What?? I hear this almost everyday. Yep. Actors tell me they hate headshots...having them taken that is. The follow up is usually: "In front of a moving camera I am fine, but in front of a still camera I am a mess." Sound familiar? Well, let me say that I completely understand 100%. Yep. However, this is not an excuse. You have to put all that aside, turn it on, and love it. During the session you need to feel like you are the s**t and bang it out. At the end of the day nobody cares how you feel about having your headshots done. The picture will fall on the desktop (online, ha!) and it will speak for itself. Pick your favorite actor...got it in mind? OK, now imagine them not being able to turn it on in front of a still camera. If you want to be in that place you need to do the same. I'm not preaching...I just want my clients to realized they have all have incredible qualities that need to be captured and seen.

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