Headshot Photoshoot Tips: Character vs. Celebrity


 Francesca Fisher Eastwood Headshot I think this is a really good headshot photoshoot tip: when thinking about the roles you want to play as an actor it is really important to focus on the character and not the actor (celeb) playing them. I am finding that my actors are starting to use actors names more than the breakdown or character name. For example, tell me you see yourself as Ophelia...not Dakota Fanning. We know the dramatic life of Ophelia...I can direct you in that shoot. How can I direct you as Dakota Fanning? What's the throughline? Makes sense right? People are becoming more fascinated with celebrity that I fear we are starting to blur the lines way too much. Focus on the fiction of the characters and your shoot will be so much more rich. Just be yourself doing something and get other actors out of your head. The above shot is just Francesca being Francesca and she is awesome.

Peter Konerko is a Los Angeles based headshot photographer and one of the most recognized photographers for professional actors.