Headshots on bright colored backgrounds...


Peter Konerko Headshots Continuing the conversion on Taste. How many workshops have you been to where the agent or casting director "loved" your shots and then the following week someone else "hated" them? This is personal taste. I recently had a returning client ask me to shoot them on a bright pink background for all of their commercial shots. They were shocked when I refused. I know their are photographers who shoot on solid bright colored backgrounds and agents who love it. I don't. It's a matter of taste and how I see the world. The feedback I always get is that my clients look like real people. I find that funny because THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE. I find that when you put a person on front of a color that we do not normally interact with, we pull out of reality and that person is now out of a real context and therefore becomes fake... And less real. It is now an actor having their picture taken on front of some color named Flaming Flamingo Pink.

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