I hate color Headshots, don't you?


We all now know that whether you are in Los Angeles or New York the actor headshot is now a tool in color. Big, Bad, Vibrant, Over-The-Top-Photo-Shopped-Out color headshots!

The result: EVERY HEADSHOT is starting to look alike.

I’m so sick of seeing headshots where the actor has nothing going on wearing the brightest sweater you will ever see. Doesn’t it pop off the page?? No. It’s lame.

100’s of photographers all grasping for that “cool” color look. We, the photographers, know how to trick out every actor headshot we take…and we are going to push the limits until the shots stand out in a sea of thumbnails. Guess what: shots are no longer jumping out on the thumbnail page. Everything is the same.

Physically, the eye is drawn to contrast. Now that all shots are in the same range of colors, only the shots with the most contrast pop off the page. Prediction: BLACK AND WHITE HEADHSOTS WILL BE BACK…or desaturated shots will move to the front. Muted colors. The eye will go to what is different. Imagine 200 thumbnails on a page all in color and 1 (ONE) black and white shot. Which will you see first? Until that happens (am I crazy?) what works is intention. Big color, who cares. Have an objective and go for something. That will set you apart.

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