Questions for Peter Konerko

Q: I really love your work. mostly, i enjoy seeing the process of it all on your site. you mentioned in a blog, "We met at Theatre of NOTE back in the days when I was kicking around figuring out what I was doing with my life." when did you figure this out? what was the turning point? when does one decide to shift from kicking around to sixty hour work weeks as you mentioned. thanks! - Chelsea

Hi Chelsea. Thanks for the questions. Well, for me, it was a process of increasing responsibility that pushed me towards figuring things out. Quickly. Not all in a financial way but also in an artistic way. My time became more limited and I needed to work more efficiently…which led to more specific work…which led to more financial stability. I focused on executing a single idea rather than just always having ideas. Also, things get very clear when you have people to support. Everything that does not move train forward gets discarded.  I also believe that everyone has their own process and personal timelines. I work 60 hours a week but I make time for meditation and physical activity within the 60 hours. This is “work” to me. A holistic approach to life and work. I now understand that everything is connected and I am very fortunate to be able to make my living with my camera. I am also starting to think that the word “work” does not exist anymore. For me it is just “life”.

Be well.