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It's about the Light...

I’m not sure if you saw the eclipse yesterday…I didn’t. I mean I didn’t make a pin hole camera so I could see a dark spot on a piece of paper. Around 6:15, unaware that an eclipse was even happening…or going to happen or whatever…I stopped short by my back door and saw the quality of light in my yard. I opened the door and walked out and held up my hand. The light seemed artificial. Dream-like. I looked at all the tress and plants. The colors were deep…yet still bright. I realized that I needed to somehow re-create that light on my next shoot. I starting thinking of all the instruments: strobes, cool lights, hot lights, etc. Then I just stopped myself and looked. Really. I looked at my feet, my arms, my hands again. The yard. The dirt. The fence. The GARAGE. Everything looked hyper-real. I was experiencing the light. I quit trying to figure it out and started experiencing it. It clicked for me. Whenever I try to figure something out I always fall flat. When I get technical I fall flat. Truth is: when I trust my gut and experience what is around me I excel. It is risky, but it works for me. I learned more about myself and my work yesterday than I have in the past ten years as a photographer…and I didn’t even need a pin hole camera to do it.