They know the Photographer First!


Torsten Voges Actor Headshot I am hearing this more and more from clients. They are tired of a photographers signature look. They see it everywhere. The gripe is that the casting agents recognize the style first and the actor second. I understand this but you cannot blame the photographer. Every photographer that shoots headshots is trying to find their place and what they do best. They are finding what makes them unique and what gives them them best chance to get headshot work. Actors do the same thing.  "They are just doing their thing." Most actors are attracted to my work because it does have a distinct style...but it does not distract from them. The style enhances it. I do have a very specific style that defines me but it has less to do with a repetitive background or single lighting setup. It is subject driven so I rely on the unique qualities of my subjects to give my work variety that balances out my style. I am also not really concerned with any headshot "rules" that might be floating around out there.

Peter Konerko is one of the most distinguished headshot photographers among casting directors, agents and professional actors. Visit Peter's working actor portraits to see examples of Peter's au-then-tic style of photography.