Put it down and Look around...


headshots los angeles I left my phone in the car when I went into the coffeehouse. Yep, I chose not to look at my messages from my acting clients about headshots...or from my accountant...or from my non-actor clients looking to shoot something for their professional life. I just stood in line and allowed myself to be present and look at what was going on around me. The visuals as well as the sounds. Just taking it all in. It seems so obvious and simple, but I think not being tied to my phone during these "transition" moments means everything. These are the moments when you see that "thing" that inspires a poem or a portrait. A painting or a song. I have been buried in my devices. Not looking up. not living in the present and allowing mother nature to feed.


Peter Konerko is a photographer based in Los Angeles specializing in actor headshots, portraits, and more.

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