Q&A with (re)birth Writer/Director JJ Huckin

jj huckin
This film was part of the New Filmmakers Festival.
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What inspired you to make this film? did you HAVE to tell this story. 
I was inspired to make this film because I was in the process of trying to have a baby with my wife and the thought came to me that things would be very traumatic if one person really wanted to have a child and the other person REALLY didn’t want to have a child.  What would you do?  Is it possible that you would leave your partner for over 10 years to try to find someone else who was willing to have a baby?  There are a lot of complicated situations there.
Would you shoot the film if you did not have access to digital equipment? 

I probably would not have shot this if i didn’t have access to digital equipment.  The cost of shooting film is so cost prohibitive that unless you have a real budget…it makes it very difficult.  so being able to do it myself made it easier to do this project.

At what moment during shooting did you think this is going to work or not work?

The final climatic scene in the film is very very emotional.  It required a huge commitment from the actors to really bring the pain of this situation.  We were over our time budget and the scene was scheduled to be shot at 9pm wasn’t ready to shoot until 2am.  The actors were exhausted and we shot it in the middle of the night.  It just wasn’t working.  It was very disorienting for them and it wasn’t working.  The film just doesn’t work without this final scene.  At that point I didn’t think this was going to happen.  I thought it might not work out.  The two actors took some some and worked through some things together and came back and absolutely blew the doors off.  It was so emotional for both of them that I was able to only shoot it once.  They just emotionally exploded and it was exactly what the scene needed.  Once that scene was done…i knew we had a film.