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William Salyers - What's your 99 seat story?

William Salyers photographed at Circle X Theatre

William Salvers - What's your AEA 99 Seat Story?

I love my job: voice acting for an Emmy Award-winning cartoon, but 99-seat theatre is where I go to return to my roots. It's an arena that lets me take big risks performing live; the kind of risks that are not welcome in venues that have to make bucks and turn a profit. I'm afraid that, without the 99-seat plan, the theatres I love will not be able to afford me, and the ones that can will be doing the kind of material that, frankly, I just don't find that interesting.


Peter Konerko is a LA portrait photographer shooting out of Los Angeles and New York. This project is a part of the #AEAvoteNO, #Pro99 #unity99 and @ActorsEquity campaign.