The Developer, Soul Searching 4


la portrait photographer Ok, I found the film after a month of tests. The next step was to decide on the contrast and grain. Now, I can do all of this in post, but then why shoot film the first place, right? If I want things to be perfect I would just shoot my Hasselblad H3D and then spend hours on the computer. I am not interested in that for my personal work. So, now, the developer and scheme. I think I settled on Ilford Ilfosol 3 with a 1+9 dilution. I pre-soak for 1 minute. Agitate for the for the first 15 seconds and then two rotations every minute. Then Stop, Fix, Hypo, Wash, Hang. The grain is present but not coarse and the contrast is abit flat, but it scans wonderfully. I must admit I am going to do one more test with my old fav Rodinal...but I fear the sharpness that I will gain might cost me on the grain side. I love grain, but the Rodinal might take my Tri-X to a rough spot. I will test and see. I love this process because there is nothing like getting your hands wet and allowing mother nature to collaborate in the creative process.


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