The Film, Soul Searching 3


la headshot photographer After a few months I think I have found the proper film for my upcoming portrait project. I settled on 35mm Kodak Tri-X. Full circle. A classic. I tested my old favs Ilford Hp5 and Fp4.I was not happy with the scans coming off of the negs. Hp5 was flat for some reason and Fp4 was to "digital" feeling. I could add grain, but why not just let the film do the work. Now that Neopan 400 is gone the options are limited and the Ilford Delta films are too smooth for my taste.  I have also opted for 35mm vs. 120. Believe it or not the 120 was just too clean (beautiful) and I was losing the grit that I want for this project. I was shooting the 120 with a Hasselblad V and a 150mm lens. A nikon F100 with an 85mm or 50mm loaded with Tri-X @400 is giving me exactly what I want.


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