This is a blog about COMMITMENT - The beard of JEFF DANIEL PHILLIPS

1.  Why did you decide to grow this beard when your career was sky rocketing commercially? you must have know you would get hit in the wallet?

Wow, when you put it like that, I don’t think I want to answer that or even think about it.  Is this a hard-nose interview or are you trying to give me a stomach ache …Next question please.

2.  I love it, your family not so much. how do you get around a career choice affecting your personal life? does this happen often to actors?

It’s a rarity that you meet a filmmaker who’s as respectful, supportive and just digs actors like Rob Zombie, who wrote and directed The Lords of Salem, the project I grew the beard for.  These filmmakers are out there but to actually sync up with one who is as passionate about his work as you are and has a role that he wrote for you and you’re right for, is just a rare occurrence in the Biz. Granted it’s just a beard, but the bottom line is, he is dedicated to his art and so am I.

3. If push comes to shove: do you keep the family or the beard? this will show your true level of commitment.

It’s Family first always, but in this case, I tell the females in my family to man up, the scratchy kisses will be over soon.  Thanks Mr. Konerko for the stomach ache, I owe you.

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