Time Less?

I have been getting many requests recently to shoot something “quick”. Just one look. Super fast. It might only take five to twenty minutes of my time. Tacked on to the end of another client session. That should be cheap, right? No, not really. I completely understand the request. I do make it work, but I want to explain abit from my point of view as an artist.

Can I shoot one look in 5 minutes? Yes. Does that mean it is cheaper than if it takes me twenty minutes? No. Time is not the issue. If you are cast in a film and you nail it in one take rather than twenty does the production have the right to re-negotiate for a lower fee? Hmm. 

See, you are paying for my ability to get a great shot in five minutes. If you think about it, it should be more expensive to have the chops to get it done in less time. The skill to be able to nail it. The ability from years of experience to know what will work right now. This moment. This image, like your performance that you nail in one take, will then live much longer beyond the time it took to execute. 

So, think about what you are paying for. My time or my ability and style that has taken me over a decade to craft and fine tune. Both actually, but the latter is why you hire me in the first place. It is no different than your craft as a performer. You are hired for your look and skill and then your time to bring that to the table.

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