Victoria Hoffman - What's your 99 seat story?


Victoria Hoffman, Circle X Theatre

Victoria Hoffman - What's your AEA 99 Seat Story?

I came to LA straight out of grad school, AEA card in hand. I knew it was a risk, going from my little pond where I worked consistently, to this BIG pond of the unknown. And I made quite the initial splash! Two shows at SCR, a big Guest Star on the TV.  Commercials. The splash can evaporate quickly. I joined a 99 Seat Theatre company, the first of many, and was revived. In the 25 years I have lived here, I have worked exactly 5 AEA contracts. 5. And I spent 20 of those years as an AEA audition monitor. I know people.  Intimate theatre has kept me sharp, given me joy and confidence, provided me with challenging, career altering roles that have broken me free of the tiny boxes into which so many casting offices and directors have wanted to place me. I sang Sondheim! Reeled in Reckless. Spoke the divine language of Shakespeare and Coward. I belong to a community of artists that lead with passion and conviction, that tell pertinent, timely, necessary stories that commercial theatre cannot touch. It is a landscape that cannot, dare not,  disappear. This is my family, my community, my lifeline. Live theatre. Intimate theatre. Up close and personal. Truth. Blood. Elation. Wonder. 


Peter Konerko is a LA portrait photographer shooting out of Los Angeles and New York. This project is a part of the #AEAvoteNO, #Pro99 #unity99 and @ActorsEquity campaign.