Do you want to be a Celebrity?

This is a fair question. Most people say that they don't care about being famous (a Celebrity) but I think that is bullshit. By definition, Celebrity, means being celebrated for your accomplishments....or one that is famous. I want to be famous within my profession because I want to feel like I earned the respect of my peers and celebrated for it. What is fame anyway? Simply, a ton of people who you don't know, know who you are and what you have accomplished. That makes sense right? Were you "famous" in high school? They called it popular, but it is the same thing. The problem lies within the machine that creates CELEBRITY today. It has nothing to do with accomplishments being celebrated. It has to do with TMZ, People Magazine, leaked Sex Tapes and photos, and all the other things that have absolutely nothing to do with real accomplishments. This is why people don't want to be famous...because there is a fear that your accomplishments will be lost as your latest Bro-mance is exposed as you have lunch on Abott Kinney. --

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