Why make art?

In the constant rush of everyday I try to fit in some ART. Nearly impossible, but now that my daughter is almost 5, I have more brain space. More space for creative thought. It is hard to imagine unless you have a child, but the amount of physical and emotional energy that goes into raising a child is outrageous. Amazing and beautiful…but absolutely outrageous. I would not change one bit of it. NOW, there has been a shift. Things have chilled and my wife and I are returning to our bodies. Upon return I ponder the following three questions each time I approach a new project: What am I setting out to achieve? Did I achieve it? Was it worth my time and energy? Three very loaded questions. If i cannot answer these three then I am faced with the larger question of Why make Art? I could go on forever about that one. This has been a bit of a ramble but you get the point. Those three questions are a wonderful guidepost whether making or viewing art. Ahh. I love brain space.