The hopeful demise of Color Headshots.


You are in the Mosaic. The hopeful demise of Color Headshots. Color Headshots have been around now for a good ten years in LA and a strong seven in NYC. I know because I was in NYC when the transition happened. I was part of the movement to color…somewhat against my will. I knew it was coming and, hey, it was jump on board or get left behind. Now, I feel like color is everywhere and there is no separation. I’m tired of the “brightest shit contest” that is happening now. It’s tired. Think about this: when a casting person opens a page it is a mosaic of faces…in color of course. Imagine a strong black and white photo somewhere on that page. Remember that the eye is drawn to contrast. Why did color succeed in the beginning? CONTRAST. NOT COLOR. The same would be true for a black and white portrait or headshot. Think about it next time you shoot a session of post something of yourself. Think of the depth and mystery of a black and white photo nestled in the color mosaic of faces.

jack kehler headshot

jack kehler @ the dahlia studio