People I Trust 100%


Below are three resources that I have extreme confidence in. I am super strict when referring clients to classes and consultants. I have known these people for years and we have a mutual respect and trust. 


I have known Risa and Steve for quite some time. If you need a variety of classes under one roof, this is the spot. Risa has been a casting director for many years and knows what works. Every student I have worked with from this studio is always super pro. Great for beginners and pros. 


I worked with Guy Camilleri a few years back (maybe 10 now)...he is a very strong acting teacher. This is not for the actor that wants to fool around. There is real work happening in his studio. Visit him in Venice and check it out. Like me, he is not for everyone, but if you are a good fit, you will become a better actor.


Jill (you probably recognize her) is kind of a force in the industry. She works all the time and is super connected. She has a great consulting business if you are trying to get a grasp on your type and where you fit in. She also has a knack helping clients secure representation. She is a friend and a great gal.